It starts...



As you probably know if you've found this blog, this website belongs to Doug, a web applications developer from the vicinity of Derby in the UK.

By day I work for a pretty freaking awesome company called Silktide, by night I... do not as much as I probably should with my time, but I have been known to occasionally program things that tend to be quite simple, but I tend to find quite cool (I have a massive thing for statistics)

As my life is clearly so devoid and empty of worthwhile evening endeavours, I felt I should attempt to do something useful with my time and start contributing back to the developer world.

By that of course, I mean create another blog that nobody reads and that the definition of success will be someone coming across it somehow when trying to Google a particularly obscure problem that I have somehow run across as well.

P.S Ghost (the thing that's powering this blog) is pretty slick. Shame about it not being able to handle Chrome's inline spell-checker. Without it my spelling skills are useless =[

Oh, and sorry about the way the cover photo clashes (in terms of font colors). And the fact that apparently "Cover Photo" means "make the user scroll before they can see your content".